Our Programs

The Youth Literacy Program offers one to one tutoring for school-aged children from 6-18, helping them in any school subject in which they are having difficulty. Learners are referred by teachers or parents. We work in partnership with schools and libraries to help children succeed.

One-on-one tutoring is available during the summer on a limited basis. Please contact us or fill out a Learner Application Form and bring it into our office.

We maintain a learning resources library with resources on learning and literacy for tutors and parents, and games, manipulatives, and children’s books to facilitate the tutors’ work.
We offer a program of events for both children and adults which will include lectures by experts in teaching, family literacy, and learning difficulties, as well as workshops by professional writers, artists, and storytellers to enhance cultural and family literacy in the area.

What else should I know?
Meetings with tutors may be in school, at libraries, in our office – wherever convenient for tutor and learner. Learners may be in school, homeschooled, or out of school, as long as they are 6-18 years of age, they may apply.

All information remains confidential.

Application Forms and More Information

You can download a Tutoring Information Sheet to find out more. If you have a learner in need of tutoring, you can print and fill out a Learner Application Form and bring it into our office.

We have offered a ‘Literacy on its Feet’ program. To find out more, please see the LOIF Information Sheet and also the Application Form For Participants if you’re interested in participating. We’re also accepting submissions for Adult Leaders and Teen Volunteers to assist at these workshops.

Need Community Information?

Do you know which services are available to you or who to call if you need help?

Check out this link to community, social, health and government services in Bruce and Grey Counties www.informationbrucegrey.ca
You can also call 211 on your telephone for personalized help. Both of these information projects are sponsored by United Way of Bruce Grey, of which we are a proud member agency.