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DONATE A CAR for Literacy!

Knowing where it's going makes towing easier!
It can be hard to let go of a piece of nostalgia, but knowing where it’s going makes towing easier!

Logo and Link to Donate a Car program

We’re happy to announce a new way to show your support for the South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council!

We’ve registered with Donate A Car Canada, an organization that makes it easy to turn your car, RV, or other vehicle into a charitable donation. Donate A Car Canada will arrange the pick up of your old beater where available or guide you to one of their drop-off locations. It will then be recycled and sold for scrap, or if deemed road-worthy, it will be sent to auction. The Literacy Council collects the proceeds, and you receive a tax receipt for your generosity.

Find out more about the process by reading the Donate A Car Canada FAQ. If you’re ready to donate your vehicle to the South Grey Bruce Literacy Council, you can get started now!

If you don’t have an old vehicle but still would like to help out, we have other ways you can donate or you can consider volunteering.

Spelling Bee Update

We’re happy to announce 11 12 teams so far:

  • AHC Magic Charms
  • Dewey Decimals
  • TREEs Love Bees
  • Queen Bees
  • The Library Word-Nerds
  • The Antidisestablishmentarianists
  • The Spelling Beekeepers
  • The Bees Aloud
  • RE/MAX Bee-max
  • The Honey Bunch
  • The Bashful Bluewater Bookworms
  • …and an unnamed from the Municipality of Hanover

And 3 sponsors at the “Busy Bee” Level:

  • Sponsoring the AHC Magic Charms – Auditory Health Care
  • Sponsoring the Dewey Decimals – MOSAIC/Ginger Press
  • Sponsoring the Spelling Beekeepers – John and Susan Lindsay

It’s not too late to sign up a team or make a pledge to support the Bee! Find entry forms and more information