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Generous Donation from the Society of Energy Professionals


The South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council received most welcome support in the form of a $5000 donation from the Society of Energy Professionals Community Foundation Fund, presented by Janice Porter to Board members Harvey McFadden and Ed Hotchkiss at the Youth Literacy offices last week.SEP_Logo-Converted

“It’s hard to convey just how important this kind of support is,” Youth Literacy co-ordinator Kimm Culkin said after the presentation. “We receive no ongoing government funding and the need in our community for support to families as children and youth struggle with literacy skills is immense.” She pointed out that literacy skills are often a multi-generational problem, and it may need a community effort when a student starts to feel that he or she doesn’t have the skills needed to meet Ontario’s challenging curriculum. “Parents often run up against conflict when they try to help,” noted Kimm. “Caring, patient volunteer tutors often make the big difference.”

The Society of Energy Professionals has demonstrated support for youth literacy in the past, and their donation means the office can operate, volunteers can be recruited, screened and trained, applications can be received and processed, matches can be made, and alternative programs and resources can be developed or strengthened, to ensure that all learners, no matter how they learn best, can get the help they need in south Grey Bruce.

Kimm Culkin
SGB Youth Literacy Council

Durham Supporters of the SGBYLC – L & M Food Markets and @ The Movies

L&M Food Markets, Durham

South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council is a grateful recipient of money earned through the L & M Stamp Rewards program. Betty Marshall, Head Cashier at L&M Food Markets, Durham, is shown below presenting a cheque to Elizabeth Hahn, member of the Youth Literacy Board. Many thanks to L & M for supporting not only our youth reading program, but also other worthy local charities. Thanks also to the Durham L & M shoppers who take the time to donate their stamps to us. Your support makes a difference.

@ The Movies, Durham

@ The Movies video store owner, Mark Loeffler, is pictured below presenting a cheque to Elizabeth Hahn. One Friday of each month, @ The Movies donates to local charities. The store is located in Durham at 211 Garafraxa St. N. Youth Literacy is one of many grateful recipients. The money helps to run free tutor/learner reading programs in South Grey Bruce. Call SGB Youth Literacy 519-364-0008 or for more information.

Photos from L & M   @ the movies