The 5th annual Great Grey-Bruce Grown-up Spelling Bee for
Adult Teams is back!

January 27th is Family Literacy Day across Canada, and mayors and councils in South Grey Bruce made it official again this year, with proclamations at recent or upcoming Council meetings. The South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council will mark Family Literacy Day – and raise funds for its programs – through its fifth annual Great Grey-Bruce Spelling Bee for Adult Teams on Thursday, February 22nd, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at 519 Table&Pour, 972 Old Durham Road. Walkerton, On (519-507-7687 (POUR) for reservations) (snow date Thursday, March 2nd, same time and location).

In years past up to 14 teams duked it out – Last year, The Buzzbees, a bodacious group from the Durham/Markdale area, walked away as Queen Bees, complete with medals. The Spelling Baes, another of the 10 teams who competed, claimed the Most Room for Improvement award. Word Nerd (no relation to past winners Word Nerds) got Best Costume and the G-Spot Spoilers got Best Name and Best Spirit. Who will take top prize this year?

This is a wonderful evening out for those in government, service, media and social clubs and organizations — or a group of friends, members of a book club, Scrabble fans… anyone who uses words and enjoys them. It’s a great chance to earn bragging rights and raise funds for the South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council and its programs to help kids struggling with reading, writing and math skills. No stellar spellers required– it’s a team effort, and all teams need quarterbacks, too!

Entry is $25 per person. Entry forms are available below or by calling 519.364.0008.

Those who shy away from competition can still support Youth Literacy at the Bee with sponsorships, from Busy Bee to the Bees’ Knees – which gives the sponsored team a competitive advantage depending on the sponsorship level. Stress Bee-lief coupons include Re-buzzes, where teams buy their way back in after potential elimination; Buzz-offs, to discard a word that’s too hard; or Stingers, that allow teams to send a stinky word to an opposing team.

Those who join the fun at 519 on February 22nd can also vote for best team name or costume – at a toonie a vote, ballot box stuffing is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! Supporters can also help teams buy their way back in after elimination..

Every dollar counts towards helping kids and youth, with a focus on fun. For more information:

www.sgbyouthliteracy.org, or Youth Literacy’s Facebook page, or contact the Literacy Council at

Team Entry Form
Sponsor Registration Form
Adult Spelling Bee Rules